Simple American Dream


This discussion is about housing in America.

  • Journey through time for historical housing incentives and how they served us
  • Fully comprehend the function of the mortgage and how it benefits you and the bank
  • This discussion is intended to get homeowners out of debt, build generational wealth, and intentionally create a highly successful household economy
  • We’ll rhetorically gather some outside the box ideas about modern housing trends, so that you as a resident can critically think about how much home best serves you and your lifestyle
  • Attendees have collectively saved over 1000 years of mortgage payments

  • In short, this is a lifetime financial game changer.

Refuse Your Way to Zero Waste 

This discussion is about consumption.

  • The size or our homes and the status of storage
  • Hierarchy of trash with a focus on refusal and reduction
  • The relationship of consumption with our homes, our habits, and our energy
  • How restriction automatically reduces our overall consumption and waste
  • Invitation to join a simple REFUSE challenge that reduces tons of trash

  • In short, this is a methane and carbon footprint game-changer.