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Build Your Own Plan: Guaranteed to be tailored to your life, your stuff, your needs and your work with us will align with your own goals. 

Because by identifying your unique place in life, choosing your own destination, and plotting your own map, might require a guide, but it is still your journey.



Our workshops are intended to save attendees from their stressful lives.

The habits we inspire in others reduce stress, reduce energy usage, reduce mess, protect the environment, all in addition to saving time and money.

One is strictly about housing. The other is about refusing mindless consumption.



The primary focus of our consultation style is reduction. We help by analyzing what you can afford to remove from your home, your business, or your life, so that you can more efficiently pursue that which matters most.

If focus, essentialism, or minimalism isn't something you are open to, then this won't be a good fit for you. If you feel overwhelmed, your work with us will be powerful.



We believe the healthiest way to move things into the future is together. We believe that two heads are better than one. We believe our own ideas to be sound, and that yours might still be better. 

We want to work with you and share in the responsibility of making progress in this world.


Change begins with us. Protections are calcified and freedoms are defended by law.

While we believe that most of the impact our housing advocacy comes from consumer choices, we also believe that transparent mortgage regulations, and zoning laws, and building codes can be amended as well if we smartly work with representatives.

If we don't fight for the things we stand for, we don't really stand for anything.

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