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For hire, we offer educational and consulting services that have changed our community for the better. Our primary aim in this endeavor is happier, healthier residents and homeowners as well as more efficient  and effective businesses.

Government Agencies

Building an attainable and sustainable working class sometimes means laws or policy implementation. Incentives can motivate an entire population to change habits. Disincentives are sometimes necessary to reign in the powerful from taking too much advantages from the meek. As a member of the Govt. Affairs committee, and as an environmental we're building relationships with various lawmakers, lobbyists, and other social influencers.


Sustainability activism has many faces, each one as passionate as the next. At the core of these efforts is a common goal: we all want to create the healthiest environment possible.

One discovery I've made is that our topics of specific interest not only overlap, but also aid in helping heal one another. The more we can come together, the more efficacy we'll uncover. Because we won't always agree, and by communicating we can bridge our differences. Alone we build nothing. Together we build anything.

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