What We're Advocating

The Missing Middle

We've been tasked with bridging a divide between departments that are lacking in communication. The only way to build it is together. From unlocking existing funding to inconsistent codes and inspections, our processes have become too cluttered to serve affordability. Join the team!

Square Footage Maximums

Minimums have been in place for a long time, why not maximums

Accessory Dwelling Units

Owning property, parking a small unit on the property, and qualifying it as a separate, and legal residence

Full Disclosure

Making it unlawful to sell a loan to someone who doesn't fully grasp both the debt to income ratio and the function of amortization

New Construction Permits

Creating safeguards to ensure that new condo apartments aren't 80% luxury units when the greatest need is lower income housing by having the Economic Development Director have a say in the approval process.


This one is a bit tricky, but requirements of licensed contractors to do everything, when people are trying to become more self sufficient needs to be relaxed. This probably needs to be balanced with appropriate resale disclosures.

How We're Advocating

betterjones participates in relevant, local community outreach events to share our mission with professionals and representatives. We also proactively stand behind policies that we believe guide us toward a sustainable future.

Holding a Realtor license provides access to all the current and past market data, trends, the ability to keep up with changes, and the knowledge of what buyers, sellers, and owners are doing.

By teaching the Simple American Dream Workshop to friendly  professionals, we're changing the industry from the inside out. By teaching it to citizens, we're creating influence for stronger homeowners, healthier household economies, and changing the housing market from the ground up.

One influential attendee recommended me to the Board of Realtors-Govt. Affairs Committee, and shortly thereafter became officially nominated. This means we can now lobby lawmakers at the capitol and influence change from top down as well.

What can you do to get involved? 

  • Recruit that expert friend to join our "missing middle" team
  • Tell people about us
  • Share our vision to build attainability and sustainability on social media



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