Got Inefficiency?





We’ll create simple steps to take in your life, that will add up to big changes for the planet, your wallet, and happiness at home.


How much work you want us to do is completely at your own discretion. Within the first hour you’ll decide if you want our hard work, or simply our direction. From there you’ll have packages to choose from that are mostly assembled in an hourly format with reduced fees for larger segments. If you opt for just taking direction, the rate is slightly higher but the amount of time you spend with us is drastically reduced. Another option is a low impact habit coaching program designed to make sure the changes you’ve paid for are continuing to benefit your home. 


· We'll be fully transparent and help you decide your course of action

· Rates vary with the services you choose

· Hands on work includes ethical disposal of unwanted goods

· DIY consulting includes resources so your actions can match what we would do



 We’ll analyze your current business practices and create simple steps that will add up to ethical representation you can market to your clients, overhead cost savings, and direct your company’s focus to the things that generate the most revenue.


· Rates vary by size of business

· All work is completed by contract

· For your employees: See our speaking engagement WORKSHOPS

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