Use these different amortization tools to customize and take control of your budget. Test and track the impact of your additional principal payments. Find out how much interest you save, and/or how much time you reduce from owing significant living costs to the bank.

Building Savings for the Future (xlsx)


Mortgage Amortization with Adjustable Table for Early Payments (xlsx)


Set Goals for Paying Down Debts (xlsx)


Still Need Assistance?

These are just the tools we can use to create plans and track results.  Apart from painting a clear picture, they don't do the changing of our habits for us. For further understanding, for better results, and guidance to make those goals a reality, consider trying a declutter plan. It is designed for you to customize your schedule in a way to get the things out of your life that you don't want or need, creating more time and saving more money for the things that truly matter.