#Refuse1 - The Challenge


  • Start with one wasteful item, like the "to go" coffee cup
  • Other ideas to get started are posted below
  • Refuse purchasing completely (yeah right) ..OR
  • Get a really good quality travel mug to replace the single use disposable cup/sleeve/lid
  • Refuse to buy a coffee to go ever again unless you remember to bring it with you
  • Master that daily practice until its an automatic habit
  • Hold yourself accountable - with no exceptions
  • That delicious beverage is the reward for ethical preparedness
  • Record and Share your effort by posting #Refuse1 + *describe what you've abolished from your life and do a total reduction estimate by adding up an approximate number of wasted items you're saving by doing that one thing for the rest of your life

  • Try refusing one new wasteful item every month (or whenever is comfortable) The reason behind tackling and mastering one item at a time is so that our efforts aren't unbearably stressful. Nor will they be squandered by the failure that can so easily haunt us by trying to take on too much all at once. Start with just one item


#Refuse1 - I stopped buying "to go" coffee cups. I figure carrying this mug that I love, I'm saving the planet about 10,000 cups, sleeves, and lids. BONUS I'm also never spilling due to cheap clumsy lids ever again. 

Documenting on social media this way enables us to search the tag and our handle. The search result will show us the totality of all our improvements in one complete and concise list.  In addition when we omit our handle we will see the progress of the entire #Refuse1 Horde as it grows.

Imagine looking back over a list of 5 years worth of refusal changes we've made.  Together, we'll share an impressive accomplishment. No government regulations are necessary to make our own choices be the difference maker. We will be the inspiration that moves the world toward cleaner supplies. If we stop buying, corporations will stop making.

For Your Business

  • I strongly encourage you to make these gradual changes too
  • Consumers want this and the demand for business awareness is gaining momentum
  • Market your ethics
  • Use the same principles described above (again at an appropriate pace for your bottom line)
  • The government might make you change soon anyway
  • With a little help from advocates like us, Saint Paul just passed this ordinance
  • You might as well start doing it on your terms now
  • And when you do, advertise it with pride 

People like us, voting with our dollars, will happily give you our money first for your valued services if you appeal to our passion for a better world.

Ideas to get Started

  • Travel mugs and Water bottles
  • Tough fabric shopping bags
  • Glass floss containers, and metal pic/floss tool. 
  • Shaving razor/ blade replacements
  • Bamboo toothbrush lasts 4x and is compostable
  • Metal straws
  • Research higher quality goods that last longer/ lack fashion
  • Cloth towels 
  • Cloth diapers
  • Glass containers for storing various bulk food products
  • Learning to care for Cast Iron and wood products
  • Go digital photos/paperwork/music/film/book
  • Find local restorationists for clothing/furniture