Last updated on 3/8/2019


The Twin Cities have a couple of projected plans. They include zoning changes, trash collection and reduction, and inclusiveness.  I'm advocating for ways to help them reach these goals while simultaneously preventing civilly unbalanced gentrification.

Celebratory Update: The efforts we put in along with other grassroots organizations, we aided Saint Paul pass a new Sustainable To Go Packaging ordinance that is going to reduce waste going to landfills currently being measured by the ton daily. So YAY!

A few of the ideas swirling our way deal with tax credits for developing affordable living, or creation of non-profit slush funds that can be tied to for profit business for employer matching down payment savings plans. 

There is also an agency designation change I've been working on with the MNBoard of Realtors that would add another option, liberating buyers' ability to consider more properties.


Teaming with ZW-St Paul for planning education and outreach events geared toward personal reduction. And we're always interested in new connections and more partners in this area. I'll be leading a talk for them in  March.

Extending outreach to BLM-St Paul to get our educational workshops to more communities of color in order to provide tools for building generational wealth where they can do the most good.

During 2019 we're welcoming guest writers. If you want to contribute content, please send a pitch.


Preparing to build a simple and effective digital version of our educational workshop Simple American Dream. Any tech advice, contributions, or assistance toward building this is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Creating and developing relationships with philanthropic partners interested in building equitable and sustainable residential and investing opportunities.

Weighing the option of becoming an officially recognized non-profit.

And because we already behave like one, we're always in need of funds. Most of what we do is free, and the rest has sliding scale options available. Even applying for the NP status costs money.  Please Donate Today.

More Interests

I've been absorbing some info on solar for residential property. There is a new construction project near Battle Creek that is installing a shared solar array, and I've read takeaways from a few families that have installed a single home version of private solar energy as well. This is something we'll likely be budgeting for at our home in the  coming years.

Another exploratory topic  I'm immersing myself in is walkability. My own neighborhood isn't bad and could always be improved further. Some downtown areas in Spain are considering banning cars. This idea beckons me because we used to socialize more before we became so busy and began fighting over parking spaces.

This is list of current projects, and interests, intended to keep you abreast of our activities. Please refer to this page to best understand how we are currently prioritizing our attentions, and its one way we are holding ourselves accountable for productivity. -Inspired by Derek Sivers

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